Would virtual visitation be helpful in your custody case?

Would virtual visitation be helpful in your custody case?

It’s no secret that figuring out a parenting plan can be difficult. You want to share time with your ex so that you can both see the kids, but you both have busy schedules. Maybe you travel often for work. Perhaps you just don’t live that close to each other anymore. How can you make this all work and put the children first?

There are many options. One that some parents find helpful is virtual visitation. Let’s consider some of the benefits that technology brings to modern custody and visitation concerns.

Connecting with children while on the go

Perhaps the biggest benefit for traveling parents is that they can still connect with their children through virtual visitation, via email, Skype, Zoom, text messages and other digital means. You don’t lose all contact during that month-long business trip, which can cause your relationship to fade. You can’t be there in person with your child, but you still get to know what’s going on in your children’s lives. 

You can visit for short times

Virtual visitation can also be as long or as short as needed. For instance, some parents just drop in for 10 minutes to read a bedtime story. If you share custody and trade the children every other week, but you feel like seven days is too long to go without seeing them, options like this can help. 

Online options allow for closer contact than a phone call

The rise of video chat programs, like Zoom, can help you connect with your child in a way you can’t through a phone call. They can show you something like the newest missing tooth. You can see facial expressions. You really feel like you’re together, even when you’re hundreds of miles apart. 

Not all parents use virtual visitation, but you can see that it may be something to consider as you look into your options. Sometimes, it’s wisest to get an attorney’s perspective on the issue as early as you can. They often have unique insight into what does and doesn’t work for others. 

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