Women dealing with loss of health insurance after divorce

Women dealing with loss of health insurance after divorce

Married couples in Michigan understand that the dissolution of a marriage can be a difficult time. Although the initial filing for divorce is a huge obstacle, the entire process, as well as the years following the divorce, can be extremely emotional and filled with disputes and challenges. The end of a marriage is a major life event and could alter the life of the ex-spouses. It is often difficult to transition to singlehood and could take years to get used to.

A recent report indicated that, in addition to the common difficulties that divorce poses, a growing number of women are dealing with the hardship of losing their private health insurance after their divorce. Because many women tend to get their health insurance through their husband’s job, when the marriage ends, they are no longer on their policy.

The loss of health coverage can increase the emotions and disputes post divorce. Losing health insurance could create financial hardships because they are not able to pay the high premiums for comparable plans. This could result in the ex-wife to seek agreement modifications in order to have her health care covered.

Even if an ex-spouse is not receiving spousal support, post-divorce modifications could be made, if difficulties are proven or there is a substantial change in circumstances. This could allow for necessary living costs to be covered.

Those dealing with hardships following a divorce should seek to gain insight on ways they can better their situation. This could mean talking with their ex about modification or going back to court to have a new agreement ordered.

Source: HealthDay News, “Divorce Puts Women at Risk of Losing Health Insurance, Study Finds,” Robert Preidt, Nov. 16, 2013

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