When child support disputes arise, what options do you have?

When child support disputes arise, what options do you have?

When conflicts arise between Detroit residents, the dispute may not be black and white. When the dispute becomes a legal issue, different provisions of the law may apply in different cases, taking into account the unique nature of each case.

Recently, for example, this blog has discussed different methods of child support enforcement that exist under Michigan law. The law provides for a number of methods of enforcement to go after a payor’s finances, such as deducting payments from the person’s paycheck, intercepting state and federal tax returns or applying liens to the person’s real or personal property. Other non-financial means of enforcement also may apply, including suspending a person’s driver’s license or professional license for failing to make child support payments.

The availability of a particular method of enforcement in any given case will depend on the facts of that case. For example, it may not be advisable to target a person’s professional license at times, because that can impact the person’s ability to continue making the income necessary to pay support. In other cases, the license suspension may provide the incentive needed to make the payor current on child support payments.

Our firm has significant experience in dealing with all kinds of child support disputes. We work closely with our clients to determine the nature of the issue at stake, and the solution that will work best under their particular circumstances. When our clients are not receiving the child support payments they deserve, we advocate vigorously to protect their rights and eliminate the delinquent payments. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our child support webpage.

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