When are police on the lookout for DUIs in the summer?

When are police on the lookout for DUIs in the summer?

After Memorial Day, the police are on high alert for DUIs. Of course, they look for drunk drivers at any time of the year, but with the increase in travel, parties and events, summer is a time when there are more people to monitor.

Whether it is due to boating or hanging out at a barbecue, there are more chances for people to drink, so there are more DUI arrests in the summer months. Enjoying your summertime activities doesn’t have to mean an increased risk of a DUI, though. If you avoid drinking and driving while taking steps to avoid impairment, then you’ll be in a better place to avoid DUIs completely.

When are the police most on the lookout for DUIs?

The police are going to look for people who are drinking and driving on the major holidays and over weekends. For example, Memorial Day, Labor Day and the Fourth of July are all heavy drinking days and usually see an increase in DUIs.

Weekends, usually from Friday night through Sunday evening, are also more likely to have DUI patrols, because people enjoy going to parties and events. Graduation parties, nights out at the bar and other situations may lead to heavier drinking.

What can you do to avoid a DUI in the summer?

Like at any time of the year, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to avoid drinking when you’re going to drive. Even if you are under the limit, you could still face charges if you’re not driving safely.

Some good tips to help you and your loved ones include:

  • Setting up a designated driver if you’ll be at an event with alcohol
  • Prebooking a ride with a rideshare service or taxi
  • Skipping the alcohol. Make sure nonalcoholic drinks are available
  • Staying overnight near or at the venue, and walk to the event or location where you’re meeting others

DUIs are avoidable, and doing so can help make your life much easier. If you do get stopped for a DUI, remember that you need to find out about your legal rights, so you can protect your future.

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