What you should know about child support in Michigan

What you should know about child support in Michigan

Though many parents with children hope for their separation or divorce to be as smooth and painless as possible, the reality is when substantial changes in one’s circumstances occur such as a job loss or layoff, the parent obligated to pay child support may, due to no fault of their own, not be able to able to meet their court ordered monthly child support obligation.

Every child support dispute case is unique, but the fact is that similar to other states in the U.S. in the State of Michigan monthly child support obligations are determined using statutory guidelines. Currently, the formula used by judges uses several factors in determining how much the non-custodial parent will be required to pay to the custodial parent.

These factors include the incomes of both parents, any cost for the child or children’s day and child care, medical and health insurance needs and educational needs. Parents may think that underreporting or concealing sources of income may reduce their monthly child support obligation. However, when child support disputes arise, sources of income can be investigated and verified to ensure that the child support guideline formula is being appropriately applied. For instance, a parent who has supplemental sources of income such as from a seasonal job or commission based job or income from self-employment may fail to report it. Furthermore, in some case one parent may have to file a motion to modify child support because of substantial changes in their circumstance due to reduced income.

Thus, when child support disputes between parents surface, it may be helpful for Michigan residents, particularly those residing in southeast MI to know that staff at the Smith Law Offices, P.C., can help evaluate your specific facts and offer legal options or solutions. To learn more about the legal service Smith Law Offices, P.C. offers or to schedule a free consultation, please visit our firm’s child support page.

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