What Is The Value Of A Candid And Frank Divorce Attorney?

What Is The Value Of A Candid And Frank Divorce Attorney?

When you are divorcing, do you want to be told what you want to hear? Or do you want to be told the truth?

Candor in general is in short supply, of course, but when you are paying an attorney to advise you, what you are paying for in part is the attorney’s honesty and objective assessment of your case. If an attorney is only telling you what you want to hear, then you need to wonder why you are spending your hard earned money on a person to give you professional legal advice and representation.

Your attorney’s candor enables you to conduct yourself in a way that helps you protect your rights. It also builds credibility for you with the judge, a particularly valuable asset to have should divorce proceedings be contentious.

A frank assessment of your case by your attorney is necessary, particularly if your divorce involves children. The law itself makes the child’s best interests of paramount importance. Therefore, you need to know how your actions during a divorce will be viewed by a judge in light of this “best interests” legal standard.

But who will tell you how the judge will most likely rule ? That’s what you need your attorney to tell you.

The right attorney for your divorce will have most likely handled previous divorce cases in front of your judge. Knowing the ins and out of each particular courtroom is paramount to aid your attorney in creating a successful plan of action in your case. At The Smith Law Offices, your attorney will help you understand what actions you can take to demonstrate that your actions are most in line with the “best interests” standard.

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