What is the Friend of the Court?

What is the Friend of the Court?

During a divorce in Michigan, the subject of child custody can be a heated topic. If you are in the middle of a custody battle with your former spouse, then you will have to associate with the Friend of the Court Bureau. While the Friend of the Court is not there to decide and pass judgment on your custody arrangement, it will be the voice of any recommendations. 

It is up to the court and a judge to rule on custody arrangements. The Friend of the Court office, according to the Michigan courts, works with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child Support. It has a number of different functions when working with parents and dealing with child custody and support. 

The office establishes child support and custody guidelines and policies. This is the office where you will receive any forms for litigation if you need to change your child support or custody order at later date. The office may also help you to obtain a payment plan for your child support by providing you with the proper forms. 

The FOC office also develops the child support formula and helps develop the Michigan Child Support Enforcement Information System. These systems are in place to help parents to understand how the court makes its decisions. It can also help encourage decision-making for the parents. The office can schedule custody evaluation interviews and meets with both parents. The information that the court office gathers is what it uses to make recommendations to the judge. 

The above article is meant to be educational and not to be taken as legal advice. 

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