What is the divorce process in Michigan?

What is the divorce process in Michigan?

Divorce is one of the most challenging life experiences you can go through because it affects several aspects of your life. However, when you have decided to file for divorce in Michigan, it is important that you understand the different stages of the divorce process and what you need to do at each step.

Here are the steps you need to follow in the Michigan divorce process so you can dissolve your marriage in the most effective and least combative way possible.

  1. Starting the divorce process

Michigan divorce process begins when one of the parties files a petition for divorce with the circuit court clerk. Once you have filed your divorce petition, you must pay to have that petition served to your spouse in person or sent via registered mail.

  1. The response

Once served with the petition, your spouse must file a response to your allegations. Their response should correspond to each item on your divorce notice. In the response, your spouse should indicate the items on your divorce notice that they agree with, as well as those to which  they object  If your spouse objects to all or most of the major items on your divorce notice, you are looking at a contested divorce. However, if they do not file an answer, or agree with all the items on your divorce petition, the divorce can be uncontested.

  1. The waiting period

Your Michigan divorce will be completed within two months if you and your spouse have no children together. However, the divorce might take longer (in some cases, much longer) if it is contested. The waiting period takes effect from the date you file the divorce petition. The court may refer you to a mediator during this waiting period provided there have not been incidents of domestic violence in the marriage.

The divorce process can be extremely draining both emotionally and financially. Whether you are in a contested or uncontested divorce, learning more about your rights and responsibilities can help you get  through this process while protecting your future interests.

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