What is an uncontested divorce?

What is an uncontested divorce?

Couples in Michigan have divorced at a consistent rate over the past several years. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, between 2016 and 2018, married people separated at a rate of just over five percent, and some couples choose an uncontested divorce to make the experience simpler. If you and your spouse are considering a split, this type of divorce could make property division and other factors easier.

While no two divorces are the same, there are several issues that usually lie at the heart of the matter and usually include:

  • Division of shared assets
  • Child support payments/visitation
  • Accrued debt

These points can be difficult to resolve; however, working toward an uncontested divorce may help to streamline them and avoid long hours in court. This type of split is typically an option if you have not been married long, do not have children or if either you or your spouse signed a prenuptial agreement during your engagement.

Arranging the division of property with an arbitrator present can help you manage an uncontested divorce. In this situation, a third party assists with questions of what property belongs to whom, and you will likely be allowed to have your attorney present. Uncontested divorces may not require much time in court, which could save you time, money and prevent stress that could impact almost every aspect of your everyday life.

An uncontested divorce can prevent arguments and ease the strain of such a separation on all of those involved. While this information is presented to outline the facts about contested divorce proceedings, it is not intended as legal advice.

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