What happens when false allegations are made in a divorce?

What happens when false allegations are made in a divorce?

Many Detroit residents have, at one time or another, been accused of something they did not do. These allegations can be troubling, particularly when the allegations involve serious matters that must be rebutted and overcome.

This is frequently the case when a bitter child custody dispute develops between parents after a divorce. In the battle for child custody rights, allegations are sometimes made by one parent against the other, including troubling allegations involving the children.

For instance, one man recently described his experience in dealing with what he says are false allegations by his ex-spouse that he had sexually abused one of his daughters. While the initial allegations arose in the context of a divorce proceeding, the allegations prompted a Children’s Protective Services case to be launched, which is a civil proceeding that can result in the termination of one’s parental rights. The man is still battling against the allegations and attempting to gain back his relationship with his children.

The case is an important reminder of how serious allegations can be leveled in a bitter divorce. These allegations can trigger consequences, not only against the parent who the allegations are made against, but also against the parent who makes the allegations if they are later shown to be untrue.

For example, false allegations of sexual abuse can be held against the parent who made those allegations in determining how to award custody. The false allegations would be one of many factors the court would likely examine in determining the best interests of the child. Accordingly, a person who has false allegations made against him or her should not only vigorously defend oneself from the allegations, but also understand how those allegations can play into custody issues.

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