What do child support payments go towards?

What do child support payments go towards?

Michigan law generally requires parents to provide for their children until they reach the age of majority. Parents who do not have custody typically have to make regular payments towards food, clothing, housing costs and health insurance. 

Even if you share custody of your child, the court may still ask you to make child support payments. Thus, it is helpful to know what you can use child support payments for. 

School tuition fees 

You can factor in a variety of educational costs to your child support payments. Your child may need a private tutor, or the school may have an upcoming field trip that your child wants to attend. Your regular contributions can help secure a better education for your children. Furthermore, in some circumstances, a court may even order you to contribute towards college education after your child has reached the age of majority

Discretionary expenses 

A parent can usually spend at least some of the support payments they receive on gifts for the child. For example, the child may have requested something special for Christmas or their birthday. Moreover, it may be possible to use child support payments if they take a short trip or attend a sporting event. 

Medical expenses 

You may find it necessary to pay for medical treatment and cover health insurance premiums. For example, your child may require dental treatment such as braces. Additionally, you may need assistance in meeting financial demands associated with your child’s long-term health issues. You may be able to cover the cost for these using the child support you receive.

All in all, the court will consider many factors when determining how much child support that a parent should pay. For example, the presiding judge will weigh the amount you earn and how many children you have. 

Realizing how you can spend your child support money can bring you peace of mind. Also, knowing both your legal rights and obligations can greatly benefit both you and your children.  

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