What are the consequences of not paying child support?

What are the consequences of not paying child support?

Having a child is a huge responsibility that some people may not be ready to accept. On top of being there for your child emotionally and mentally, parents are expected to be there financially as well. From buying clothes and school supplies to paying for entertainment and other recreational activities, there’s a lot that child support can cover, which is why when a parent decides to not make their monthly payments, there are consequences they will have to face.

The following are the consequences parents may face if they fail to pay child support:

  • Seizure of property.
  • Garnishment of wages.
  • Withholding of yearly federal tax refunds.
  • Suspension of licenses, including driver’s, business and occupational.

As your child grows, his or her needs will increase. This means that they will continue to need financial support from both parents, but also that the amount of financial support they need will also increase as time goes on. Financial support or lack thereof has a big impact on children and how comfortably they will live. When a parent is ordered to pay child support, they should take this responsibility seriously and do what they can to ensure payments are made when they are expected.

Even though some parents do not want to acknowledge how important child support is, it should not be seen as an optional contribution, as both parents should regularly contribute to their child’s life financially. Should one parent be ordered to pay child support, timely payments are necessary. Anyone who is having difficulty getting their child’s other parent to make child support payments can speak with an attorney about their options and how to get their child the money they are owed.

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