What are temporary orders in a divorce?

What are temporary orders in a divorce?

Michigan actually makes divorce fairly easy on couples, especially if they choose a “no-fault” option. A couple merely needs to allege that there’s been an irretrievable breakdown in their relationship to end their marriage.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t issues that need to be addressed. In many cases, the party who files for divorce will ask the court to issue temporary orders until the case can either be settled by agreement (as an uncontested divorce) or be heard in court (as a contested divorce).

What kinds of temporary orders may be issued?

Temporary orders can address most of the concerns that one or both parties may have about their situation while the divorce is pending. For example, the court may issue orders regarding:

  • The couple’s living situation, including which party can remain in the family home
  • Ongoing retention of life insurance, health insurance and other insurance policies
  • Which household vehicle each spouse gets to use during this time
  • The use of household goods and other assets until they can be divided
  • The way that custody and visitation of the children will be handled
  • How much spousal support one party may have to pay the other
  • How much child support one party may have to pay for their children’s needs

Generally, temporary orders are just that — temporary. They may or may not reflect what will happen once the divorce is finally decided, even if you go to litigation.

Just the same, it’s important to review any temporary orders carefully to see if you find them objectionable. If you do, you need to respond quickly with your own motions.

Have you just been served with divorce papers?

You need to act fast. If a divorce is on the horizon, it’s time to get some help. An experienced attorney here in Michigan can protect your interests.

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