What are recreational marijuana laws in Michigan like in 2020?

What are recreational marijuana laws in Michigan like in 2020?

Michigan legalized the recreational use of marijuana back in December of 2018. As with many other states, we have seen the slow changes from weed prohibition to budding culture. But as with any recreational drug, there are still limitations on how you can use them. It is important to keep abreast of the new and still-changing landscape of marijuana laws, or else you may find yourself on the wrong end of criminal defense charges.

According to a Metro Times article discussing the changes, despite being legal for more than a year, cities and businesses are only now seeing traction for recreational establishments in the first quarters of 2020.

Who is weed legal for?
Like alcohol, only adults ages 21 and up may use weed for recreational use. Though it is still illegal to use marijuana in public spaces. The term “public spaces” is a legally gray area that needs further discussion.

How much can you have?
While traveling or outside your home, adults may possess 2.5 ounces worth or 15 grams of concentrate. While at home, you may have more provided you safely lock up anything more than 2.5 ounces. When growing your own, state law allows you to have up to 12 pot plants on your premises.

What should you still watch out for?
Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug in the eyes of the federal government, which raises plenty of questions between state and federal interaction. As with alcohol, you should never drive while under the influence. Positive drug test results are still reason enough for your employer to fire you.

Know your rights, exercise them and avoid unnecessary charges.

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