Warrant issued for man who owes nearly $100K in child support

Warrant issued for man who owes nearly $100K in child support

Our Michigan residents are likely aware that regardless of where a parent chooses to reside in the U.S., if one is a presumptive father or if paternity has been established, the father will generally be required to pay child support to the mother if she is the custodial parent. However, in some cases, despite being ordered by a court to pay child support, some parents may fail to do so.

According to recent reports, a warrant was issued for the arrest of a 45-year-old man in Illinois for failure to pay child support. In the criminal complaint filed by child support enforcement, the man allegedly owes almost $100,000 in child support arrears. The complaint notes that the 45-year-old father of two was ordered by a court to pay a little over a thousand dollars in child support on a monthly basis beginning in April 2007.

Records indicate that the last child support payment was made sometime in May 2008 in the amount of $100. Thus, in March 2010, child support enforcement issued the man a remedial contempt order which required him to pay an extra $100 per month on his existing outstanding balance. However, nearly five months following the remedial order, authorities issued a warrant for his arrest after he did not show up for a court hearing regarding the remedial contempt order. The man allegedly faces similar issues in another county. Presently, authorities are unaware of the man’s location, but the man is facing ten felony charges for the nearly $100,000 he owes in child support. If he is found and convicted, he potentially faces a significant amount of time behind bars.

Child support disputes can be overwhelming, particularly when one starts to lag behind in payments and starts accruing child support arrears. Rather than reaching an amount which is difficult to manage, parents unable to meet their child support obligation may want to work with a family law attorney to file a child support modification. Rather than suffering negative consequences, it may benefit parents to explore their legal options.

Source: Leader-Telegram, “Chicago man owes $100k in overdue child support,” April 25, 2014

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