Tips for healthy co-parenting

Tips for healthy co-parenting

Michigan parents who are going through a separation or divorce are likely to encounter some challenges if they and their exes are sharing child custody. Likewise, splitting time between parents is a difficult change for children, especially younger ones. For parents going through a separation, there are things that can help them and their children cope.

Talk to the kids

It is important for parents to let their children know that they are there for them and that the kids can talk about their feelings and struggles. Many parents going through a divorce will vent to their children about their exes, but this is bad for children’s emotional well-being.

Improving communication with the ex

Even if exes are not on the best terms, they need to find an effective way to communicate for the sake of their children. To make conversations more amicable, individuals should pick their battles. Though people may not want to let their ex-spouses “win,” letting go of things that are not that important will be better for their sanity and may help their relationships with their exes in the long run.

Keep the child’s best interest in mind

A lot of parents lose sight of the fact that joint custody is for the benefit of their children, not them, and they do things like vying for custody time that does not actually work with their schedules just to spite their exes. Sometimes, it is in a child’s best interests to concede to an ex, like letting that person have extra custody when he or she is available to babysit during the other parent’s custody time.

Parents should also be accommodating if their exes have a work emergency, and they should be flexible with the child custody schedule itself. As children get older, it may be a good idea to revisit the custody schedule with a family law attorney.

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