The top child custody myths to know

The top child custody myths to know

Some people avoid divorce because they are concerned about the outcome of a child custody arrangement. While this is common, many of these fears are fueled by information that is simply not accurate.

There are more than a few myths “out there” about child custody in Michigan. Knowing the truth may help give you the confidence you need to move forward with this process.

Moms are always awarded full custody

In the past, dads worked, and moms stayed home with the kids. Because of this, in many custody cases, mothers were awarded full custody. However, times have changed and so have custody arrangements. The court now sees the importance of both parents’ roles in their child’s lives and tries to make custody arrangements fair while looking out for the best interest of the child or children.

You can deny visitation if child support isn’t paid

In Michigan, child support payments don’t determine if a parent receives visitation rights. No parent will be threatened by the court with no visitation as a form of child support enforcement. If the other parent does this, it is not a lawful action.

A child can decide who they will live with

In Michigan, a child cannot make decisions regarding who they will live with until they are 18. However, the judge may talk to the child and consider their wants when deciding. While this is considered, a child never has the final word when it comes to custody arrangements.

Understanding the truth about child custody

When it comes to child custody, there are a lot of myths that you may hear. Knowing the truth will help you be better prepared and ensure you have confidence in the system to be fair and ensure the child’s best interests are accounted for.

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