The parenting plan as a guide

The parenting plan as a guide

Divorce is not something that couples in Michigan should take lightly, especially when children are part of the picture. Splitting up with kids happens often, even though no two divorces are the same. 

One element that we want you to become familiar with is the parenting plan. It is a document that you, the divorcing parents create. It serves as the foundation for effective time management and co-parenting guidelines. Without it, the court will not grant you a divorce. Take a peek inside how this document works and what you should have in yours to ensure it passes the court’s test. 

Sets out the schedule and rules  

The parenting plan is the ultimate guidebook for how to handle your children after the divorce. It should include things like: 

  • A schedule the parents follow to exercise parenting time 
  • An agreement between the parents for holiday and special event exceptions 
  • A basic set of rules including bedtime and communication with the other parent 

You should craft your parenting plan for your family’s needs. Some parents choose to indicate an every other weekend schedule with Wednesday overnights. Others go through and create A and B weeks, defining which parent has the children during each rotation. 

Defines the process for change 

There will come a time when the parenting schedule or one of the rules no longer works. Either the children have outgrown them or they are not working for the family. The parenting plan should include a clause for how parents will handle changes. Will the change occur with or without court intervention? Will the parents sign an addendum or will they agree in writing without legal action? These are questions only the couple can answer. 

Parenting time will vary from case to case. If you would like to read more on the subject, feel free to visit our website. 

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