The most inexpensive ways to divorce are not always the best

The most inexpensive ways to divorce are not always the best

There is really nothing easy about ending a marriage. The divorce process can be emotionally challenging and financially draining. In an effort to help out the money side of it, there are some Michigan residents who will look for the most inexpensive ways to end their marriages. The problem is, the most inexpensive ways to get through a divorce are not always the best.

Some statistics still suggest that nearly 50 percent of all marriages will fail. That is a lot of couples needing to figure out how they want to go about divorce. There are several ways to do it, four of the most common being:

  • DIY divorce
  • Online dissolution
  • Lawyer assisted divorce
  • Mediation

A do-it-yourself or online divorce may seem intriguing — who wouldn’t want to type up an agreement, pay a small fee, submit it and be done? Anyone would, but there are some glaring problems with both of these options. First, both require that a couple be able to come to agreeable terms on their own that are fair for both parties — which is not always possible. Second, online programs may not be state specific which could cause some problems when it comes to achieving court approval. Finally, third, either option could end up costing both parties more in the long run if either side ends up seeking modifications to any of the divorce terms down the road.

Lawyer assisted divorce or mediation tend to be the better ways to go. First, having legal counsel on one’s side never hurts as one’s attorney will be able to ensure that one’s best interests are being looked after when negotiating, litigating or mediating final settlement terms. Second, both options work to ensure the terms are in line with state laws. Finally, third, lawyer assisted and mediated divorces allow couples to really tackle complicated issues that they may not be able to resolve on their own.

When considering divorce options, stop and look at the big picture. Some of the inexpensive ways to go through the process may not result in one achieving what he or she wants in a final settlement. Michigan residents who want to learn more about the different divorce options out there and which would best benefit their circumstances can turn to legal counsel for guidance on the matter.

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