The impact of high-conflict divorce on the well-being of children

The impact of high-conflict divorce on the well-being of children

Separation after marriage is not only a challenge for the parties involved but also an emotionally agonizing experience. Despite being a difficult time for all involved including the parents and children, when two people are diametrically opposed divorce happens. In fact, in some cases seeking a divorce may be the only viable option for the psychological well-being of all affected.

Michigan residents who know someone who is divorced or is going through it may find it interesting to learn that in addition to all challenges of a divorce, where there is parental conflict it will certainly affect any children involved. In fact, according to researchers nearly 30 percent of all divorces experience some episodes of parental conflict, and it is these episodes of conflict among parents which impact the well-being of their children.

Furthermore, in some high-conflict divorces, parties may be suffering from depression, substance abuse and the like which can add a whole other layer of complexity. In fact, during such times, the decisions parents make likely affect the mental health and stability of their children or child. It is important for parents to be aware that constant arguing in front of their children can negatively affect the child.

In general, divorce can be hard on children and parental conflict can be an aggravating factor. Tempers can flare, and it is very important for angry parents to control their anger. The impact of witnessing a violent act can traumatize a child. In some cases, even the most rationale parents can make poor decisions and use their children as pawns during and after divorce.

Getting a divorce is an emotionally charged life-changing event for all involved. No matter how upset the parties are with each other, it is important keep emotions at bay, and work as rationally as possible. Further, it is important to keep the best interest of the child in mind during divorce proceeding.

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