Singers Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s divorce finalized

Singers Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s divorce finalized

Celebrity news sources routinely have stories on celebrity marriage, divorce and more. The general public tends in be interested in such matters, and likely realizes that regardless of one’s social standing, various issues surrounding marriage, divorce, child support and child custody can affect anyone. In fact, Michigan residents familiar with singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may find it interesting to learn that after a three year separation, the two singers divorce was recently finalized.

According to media reports, the celebrity couple went their separate ways about three years ago in 2011. However, Anthony formally filed divorce paperwork several months after their separation. The celebrity couple are parents of 6-year-old twins, and according to reports, they agreed to share joint legal custody of their children. Furthermore, Lopez and Anthony agreed that the children would spend the majority of the time with Lopez. However, Anthony would be able to spend time with them for at least seven days a month. Additionally, the ex-couple agreed that alimony and child support was not needed.

Even though Lopez and Anthony were able to amicably resolve their child custody and child support issues, Anthony was also involved in another legal dispute with his first ex-wife with whom he has two children. In that family law case, Anthony was ordered to pay about $27,000 monthly in child support to his ex-wife. Furthermore, he was also ordered to pay nearly $12,000 annually for his ex-wife’s and their children’s vacation and medical expenses and tuition.

Clearly, divorce with children involves numerous family law issues. In some cases, the couple may agree on sensitive issues such as those surrounding child custody, parenting time, visitation and child support. In other cases, the couple may not see eye-to-eye on any issue resulting in prolonged litigation. Either way, divorce is not easy for anyone. Regardless of one’s circumstance, sometimes family law issues may get complex and may require the expertise of a family law attorney. It is important to consult with an attorney on such matters to ensure that one is getting a fair deal.

Source: Fox News Latino, “JLo, Marc Anthony’s Divorce: No Child Support And Kids Shielded From Press,” June 19, 2014

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