Should I help my college-age child fight drug charges?

Should I help my college-age child fight drug charges?

No matter who you are, the news that your child faces drug charges is never an easy thing to understand. Many parents have different approaches to the trouble that their children face, but the question here is not really one of parenting style — the truth is that drug charges may send your child down a very bad path.

Unlike other relatively recoverable charges that a young person might face, drug possession charges can lead to years — yes, years —of jail time and great difficulty reintegrating into regular life once they’re back.

Even if they do not face jail time, the mere presence of a drug conviction on their permanent record can keep them from landing many kinds of jobs or securing a good place to live.

Whether you are the kind of parent who believes in tough love, or simply unsure when the best time may be to let your young man or woman learn hard lessons for themselves, a child’s drug charges are difficult to handle.

It is very possible that your child was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and is genuinely innocent of the charges. It is also possible that they really did make a mistake and the charges are founded.

However, because of the harsh nature of punishments for drug convictions, the mistake rarely justifies the results. It is likely that you will be glad you helped them fight the charges.

There are many ways to fight drug charges

Depending on how your child received the charges, you and your attorney may choose from a number of different defenses. First, you generally want to determine if it is possible to discredit how law enforcement issued the charges, either through violating your child’s rights or through a lack of evidence.

When police issue drug charges, they must do so without violating a person’s rights. Often, especially in traffic stops, police officers may bend the rules. It is always important to fight any violation of personal rights — you’re not only protecting the person whose rights were explicitly violated, but also fighting for the rights of many who do not have the resources to fight for themselves. You should never pass up an opportunity to hold law enforcement accountable for rights violations.

Similarly, if your child is in college, it is possible that he or she received unfair possession charges in a group setting. If, for instance, there was a party at their home and police showed up and found drugs, your child may have taken the fall. Legally speaking, these are fairly flimsy charges, in many instances. It is reasonable that the drugs may belong to another person at the party.

If charges persist through the early stages of the process, then your attorney can help you examine the prosecution’s tactics for weaknesses. The prosecution bears a responsibility to prove that the charges are true, which your attorney can help you challenge.

For instance, you may choose to insist that a laboratory test the evidence to ensure that it is indeed the drug that your child supposedly possessed. If the prosecution cannot produce the evidence because of a filing error, or if the tests do not match the charges, this can weaken the charges.

Get strong help immediately!

No matter what your child did or didn’t do, they almost certainly do not deserve a life burdened by a foolish mistake. It is also crucial that you seek out proper legal guidance as quickly as possible. Every day that you do not secure experienced, professional legal guidance is another day that the state has to build a case against the one you love.

With the help of an experienced attorney, you can rest assured that your child’s rights remain secure as you fight for his or her future, just like any loving parent does.

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