Seeking a divorce? Ask the right questions

Seeking a divorce? Ask the right questions

When a married couple drifts apart and can no longer live together, sometimes for the psychological and physical well-being of all involved seeking a divorce may be the only viable option. However, for most people, the journey of divorce is not easy and can be overwhelming. But, being knowledgeable about the process and asking the right questions can ease the process.

Michigan residents who are dazed, confused and nervous about the divorce process may find asking and researching the following questions helpful. In today’s economy, the first question that may come to someone’s mind is the how much the divorce proceedings will cost. Even though there are affordable options available, generally the cost of a divorce will depends on the complexity of case and will vary. Thus, it is important to research fees, plan for the associated cost and be aware of how the money is used.

When children are involved, both parties will want to discuss issues surrounding child support and potentially any alimony issues as well. It is important to learn about how child support and alimony payments are determined and what financial documents are necessary to make these determinations.

Child custody and parenting time issues are emotional topics to discuss. But, it is a necessary discussion in a divorce involving children. Parties concerned about losing custody or not having enough time to spend with their child should not shy away from asking how custody is determined and how parenting time is scheduled. The role of mediation could be explored and clarification about the process should be sought.

Finally, in preparing to file for a divorce, it is essential to gather important financial documents, such as bank account information, retirement account information, information about the homestead, if any, and tax information to help get a realistic picture of the cost, property and asset division involved.

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