Rapper amicably settles child support case after paternity test

Rapper amicably settles child support case after paternity test

Since many celebrities lead lives very different from the average Michigan family it may be easy to forget that they are still human and have to work through many of the same problems as everyone else. Music fans may find it interesting to learn that the rap star Future has reached a settlement in an ongoing family law case.

According to reports, a DNA test confirmed that Future is indeed the father of a 10-year-old boy. The star has accepted the financial responsibilities that come along with being the legally-recognized father of a child. As such, the man will pay for the cost of the DNA test and approximately $1,662 per month in child support payments. Reports indicate that Future and the boy’s mother settled this child support case without serious contention.

Even though the rap star’s child support case was settled quickly and amicably, sometimes paternity and child support cases can become heated. In Michigan, child support payments are determined using the state guidelines. This formula takes into account the incomes of both parents, the costs of childcare, health insurance and medical expenses.

When a paternity or child support payment dispute arises between parents, emotions may run high. Thus, it may be helpful for the parties to seek advice from someone familiar with this area of law to determine the next steps and to resolve the issue as smoothly as possible.

In today’s recovering economy, non-custodial parents obligated to pay child support may not have the financial means to do so. Where appropriate, a court may authorize a deviation from the state guidelines. In order to avoid arrears and the consequences of not paying child support due to the loss of a job or a decrease in income, it may be necessary and prudent for the paying parent to seek a modification in their current child support order.

Source: BET News, “Future Settles Child Support Case,” Jan. 29, 2013

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