Putting an end to interference with the parent-child relationship

Putting an end to interference with the parent-child relationship

There is often nothing more important to Detroit residents than their children. Detroit parents work hard to provide for their children and foster a loving and healthy relationship as their children grow older.

A parent’s relationship with children can appear to be threatened in the process of a divorce, as child custody battles can raise a number of legal issues, as well as emotions. Conflict between the parents can make for difficulty in determining custody of the children. Sometimes, difficulties can arise, such as when the visitation rights of a non-custodial parent are interfered with by the custodial parent.

In these disputes, it is important for conflicts to be handled appropriately between the parents. Nasty conflicts between the parents can affect the child, and these conflicts can also lead to legal disputes that must be settled in court.

Child custody experts and psychologists may be called in to testify about the anxiety and hardship that is suffered by a child when one parent interferes with the other parent’s relationship with that child. The other parent may be causing alienation and may be implanting false ideas in the child’s mind, or at the very least, negatively influencing the child’s relationship with the other parent.

In some cases, bad conduct by one parent might be used as evidence in a motion to change custody from one parent to the other. In other cases, it may simply be necessary to make changes to a parenting time schedule or get a court order in place to prevent further interference or bad behavior by the other parent. Because each case involves different circumstances, there are different legal options that will be appropriate in each case.

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