Overview of family legal issues

Overview of family legal issues

When one thinks of family court, the very first image that comes to mind is a divorce proceeding. Though it is true that divorces occur in family court and involve child custody, child support and parenting time matters, many other family legal issues are also addressed in family court. These include annulments, paternity proceedings, stepparent adoptions, post-judgment matters, change of domicile hearings and even alternate dispute resolution options such as mediation.

Regardless of the kind of family law issues you are facing, staff at the Smith Law Offices can help by first examining the facts of the case, evaluating the case and accordingly formulating an effective legal strategy to help achieve your goals.

For instance, some couples might prefer to use mediation for a variety of reasons such as to avoid the potential financial and emotional burden of a legal proceeding and litigating the family legal issues in the court of law. Attorneys at our firm will work with you and help reach equitable settlements both in terms of property division, if any, and parental rights during such mediation proceedings.

Additionally, when it comes to establishing paternity for child support purposes, we can help both parents in such proceedings and ensure that not only child support but also parenting times issues are addressed. Furthermore, in many cases, long after divorce is done the couple’s post-divorce life may still involve family legal issues that may need attention from time to time.

In the post-divorce world if a person needs to modify child custody, child support or is seeking more parenting time due to a substantial change in circumstances, then lawyers at Smith Law Offices can work with parties to file the applicable motions.

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