Navigating child custody modification issues

Navigating child custody modification issues

Staff at Smith Law Offices P.C. understand how important having a relationship with one’s child is. Whether one is a custodial or non-custodial parent, we will work with you to reach a resolution in your child custody matter that in the best interest of all parties involved.

Circumstances in a person’s life are ever evolving and changing. In some cases such changes are positive like a higher paying offer. However, in other cases such changes may be negative such as job loss, criminal behavior or unforeseen accident. Such substantial changes in one’s circumstance will likely impact any existing child custody and parenting time arrangements in place.

For instance, if a custodial parent has to move out of state to accept the higher paying job then the relocation of the custodial parent will affect any parenting time the non-custodial parent had with the child. In such cases, in order to avoid denying the non-custodial parent parenting-time with their child, a petition for modification of parenting time may have to be filed.

In some cases, situations such as the custodial or non-custodial parent abusing drugs may result in the sober parent filing modification paperwork and working in the best interest of the child. In other cases, a medical issue or special educational needs of the child may result in one of the parents seeking a modification of the child custody arrangement or parenting time schedule.

Regarding one’s circumstance, staff at Smith Law Offices P.C. can work closely with the parties at reaching an amicable and affordable resolution to the child custody matter which is in the best interest of not only the child but all the parents.

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