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bankruptcy law Archives

Bankruptcy law and medical bills

There are many Michigan residents who have suffered medical setbacks that have cost them a fortune. Sometimes, medical providers are willing to offer payment plans in order to help people pay their bills. However, some providers will not be so forgiving. Those who are drowning in medical debt may turn to a bankruptcy law attorney who may be able to assist them in seeking economic relief.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Beware debt relief scammers

Michigan residents who are financially struggling may be quick to trust anyone who says that they can help. While there is nothing wrong with seeking debt relief assistance, one must be careful in whom he or she places trust. Not all debt relief services and options are created equal. A bankruptcy law attorney can provide detailed information about legitimate relief options.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Is it a phantom debt or the real deal?

Today, numerous Americans will receive phone calls from debt collectors or scammers trying to collect money on debts that do not exist. These are called phantom debts. On the rare occasion that it turns out to be the real deal and money is owed, a bankruptcy law attorney may be able to offer Michigan residents assistance in finding the best way to handle the debt and stop any future creditor harassment.

How can a bankruptcy law attorney help stop wage garnishment?

You've done everything you can to get on top of your debt, but everything seems to be working against you. Instead of improving your situation, you find yourself still struggling, still behind, drowning in financial woes. When things can't seem to get any worse, wage garnishment begins. Michigan residents can turn to a bankruptcy law attorney to get such actions stopped.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Money for emergencies nonexistent

How many Americans can honestly say they have enough money in the bank to cover a big emergency? According to a recent report, the answer is not many. In fact, few have the money to cover the costs of a minor emergency. Michigan residents who find themselves struggling financially can turn to a bankruptcy law attorney for assistance.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Understanding a Chapter 7 filing

There are a lot of misunderstandings out there about bankruptcy and how it can help people get the financial freedom that they desire. This week, this column will work to give a basic overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy law. At the end of the day, it can be a great option for Michigan residents who literally cannot afford to pay their bills.

Michigan bankruptcy law: The truth about debt settlement firms

Ever hear those advertisements from companies that claim that they can work with one's creditors in order to settle debts? They make it sound so easy. They also make bankruptcy sound like it is the worst option in the world. The truth is, for many Michigan residents, a bankruptcy law attorney and the protections offered by a bankruptcy filing may be their best bet when it comes to achieving the financial relief desired.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Can't pay off your debts?

Numerous Michigan residents are among the many Americans who are drowning in debt. When it all becomes too much, it is normal to question how one should address the issue. Thankfully, this is not a problem that one has to figure out all alone. A bankruptcy law attorney may be able to help.

When divorce and bankruptcy law comes together

When people are young and in love, they may never contemplate they will get a divorce or face overwhelming debt from which they cannot escape. Sadly, for those in Michigan and elsewhere, the reality is that many couples experience financial hardship that leads to disputes. As they spiral deeper into debt, their differences become irreversible, and divorce seems to be the only solution. However, it will not resolve the financial problems, many of which may be marital debts for which both spouses will be responsible. This is where the bankruptcy law can bring relief.

Michigan bankruptcy law: Don't ignore one's financial situation

Money, money, money, why is so much in life about money? Wouldn't it be nice to just sit back and not think about it or worry about it? What would happen if one was to just ignore one's financial situation? This is actually something that some people do and then they get to the point where they are way over their heads in debt. Michigan residents to whom this happens can turn to a bankruptcy law attorney for help in rectifying the situation.

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