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Child Custody Archives

What to know about child custody and relocation

When it comes to relocation within Michigan, court approval may not be necessary if the non-custodial parent agrees to the move, sole physical custody has already been granted to one parent and if the relocation residence is closer to the non-custodial parent than before the relocation.

Navigating child custody modification issues

Staff at Smith Law Offices P.C. understand how important having a relationship with one's child is. Whether one is a custodial or non-custodial parent, we will work with you to reach a resolution in your child custody matter that in the best interest of all parties involved.

The best interests of the child standard in child custody cases

Most of our Michigan residents have likely heard about the "best interests of the child" standard that is routinely used in family law cases, in media reports about celebrity divorce and the like. But, what exactly does the best interests of the child mean in child custody cases and how does the court apply it in family law cases?

My ex wants to relocate. What are child custody relocation laws?

The issue of child custody relocation typically arises when the custodial parent decides to move to another state or to a location within the state, but at a significant distance such that the non-custodial parent will be limited to a long-distance relationship with the child. Such relocation requests can interfere with the non-custodial parent's rights to visitation and parenting time.

Navigating the different types of child custody arrangements

Divorcing couples with children, and unmarried couples who have a child together, are more than likely familiar with the term child custody which is frequently used by court personnel, lawyers and judges alike in the family law court system. However, what many parents may not know is that the umbrella term child custody encompasses several different types of custody arrangement which one or both parents may be granted.

Reality TV star, Bethenny Frankel, settles child custody dispute

Michigan fans familiar with the Bravo reality TV star Bethenny Frankel may find it interesting to learn that following a contentious and bitter battle in court with her husband over the custody of their now four-year-old daughter, the couple has agreed to share parenting duties.

Michigan parental rights case gets complex

For both the physical and psychological well-being of children, it is important for them to be in a loving home with caring and responsible parents. However, in the best interest of a child and to prevent harm to them, there are times when courts may be forced to terminate parental rights.

Is new bill protecting children or stripping parents' rights?

While there is national movement surrounding the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, some legislators in Michigan are concerned about the impact the use of medical marijuana may have on children whose parents use the drug. Presently, in Michigan a 2008 medical marijuana law permits the cultivation, possession and use of marijuana for medical use.

Relocation of mother igniting child custody dispute

Whether married, dating, divorced or separated, parents in Michigan understand the importance of being involved in their child's life. This desire is not always easy to accomplish. Parents might not get along. One parent might live further away due to their career, or a child custody arrangement might make it difficult to visit and spend enough time with their child or children. Parenting rights might be questioned in some situations, which might cause some parents to seek modification.

Should breastfeeding be considered in child custody cases?

During the early months of a child's life, a parent-child bond is essential for the well-being of the child. For instance, in the infancy stages, many mothers who are able may choose to nurse their infants. However, when it comes to cases of separation or divorce between parents during this stage in an infant's life, many parents in Michigan may wonder what, if any, consideration is given to breastfeeding in child custody and parenting time disputes.

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