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Posts tagged "high asset divorce"

Five assets that make divorce challenging for the wealthy

A lot of people grow accustomed to a certain standard of living during marriage. But because divorce can change all of that, discussing property division can turn into a battle over who gets what and how much.

Largest divorce ruling in U.S. history gives ex-wife $1 billion

Michigan residents may find it interesting to learn that the ex-wife of Continental Resources' CEO, who heads a top oil producer in the U.S., has appealed the couple's recent divorce ruling because she believes that the division of property and assets was not fair and equitable. This is all after she was awarded nearly $1 billion.

Actor Schwarzenegger may face a costly divorce

Most people are familiar with Arnold Schwarzenegger, either as the former Governor of California or as the actor who plays macho roles in Hollywood production. What some of our Michigan residents may not know is that Schwarzenegger is now embroiled in a high asset divorce with his estranged wife, Maria Shriver.

Filmmaker and Michigan native Michael Moore files for divorce

People across the country are familiar with the controversial but award-winning documentaries of Michigan native Michael Moore. However, what Michigan fans of Moore may not know is that recently, after 21 years of marriage, Moore filed for divorce from his wife.

Million-dollar prenuptial agreement ruled invalid

The option of drafting a prenuptial agreement is available to any couple interested having one before marriage. However, it is not routine for an average, middle-income couple to contemplate having a prenuptial prior to marriage. Most people hear about prenuptial agreements and their validity through celebrity news venues. Typically, most associate such agreements with divorcing couples who have a large amount of assets.

The potential pitfall of asset division in a divorce

In a society where most long for human interaction, companionship and contact, marriage seems like a good option to flourish, grow together and to foster a harmonious relationship. But, marital bliss is not always possible and differences can occur resulting in divorce. Consequently, divorcing parties face challenges with, if any, children, support, visitation and division of property and assets.

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