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Is there a periodic review of child support orders in MI?

After a final judgment has been entered, a periodic review of a child support order will occur under certain circumstances and if financial circumstances of the parties have changed. In Michigan, the review is conducted by the friend of the court office.

Former TV star arrested for not paying child support

Darius McCrary, who played the role of Eddie Winslow on the 1990s hit television show Family Matters, was arrested recently in Michigan for failure to pay child support. The 38-year-old actor was arrested at the order of a judge during a court appearance by McCrary. The judge told the former TV star to either pay the child support owed or to go to jail.

Arrest warrant issued after Chief Keef fails to pay child support

Many of our readers probably follow popular culture, show biz and celebrity news. In most cases, such media reports highlight some controversy, such as a criminal or family law matter that a celebrity is entangled in. Michigan residents may have heard that 18-year-old rapper Chief Keef recently had a warrant issued for his arrest by a judge for failing to appear in court on a child support matter.

Consequences of failure to pay child support

In the best interest of the child, generally, to help the custodial parent with care and upbringing of a child, the non-custodial parent may be ordered by a court to pay child support. In Michigan, the amount of child support is based on not only the incomes of both parents, but also on other costs such as day care expenses and health care expenses. If, however, a parent ordered to pay child support fails to do so, he or she may potentially be arrested for failure to pay child support and face jail time.

Healthcare coverage implications of a divorce for women

According to a new study by the University of Michigan, the loss of healthcare coverage, particularly for women, following a divorce can last more than two years. The study notes that many married women have healthcare coverage through their husbands. After a divorce is finalized, women lose coverage since they no longer qualify as dependents under their spouse's health insurance policies.

Tom Cruise to pay $400K per year in child support

Despite differences that lead to a divorce, during the divorce process both sides have to determine how to divide any property, assets and debts they may have. The divorce can get even more complicated when children are involved and additional issues of child custody, spousal support and child support have to be carefully addressed.

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