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Michigan family law: Dealing with a child custody issue?

If you are divorced or separated -- or preparing for either -- there are a lot of things you and your ex need to figure out, especially if you have children. Child custody issues, for example, can be a source of serious contention. Even if you think you've got everything figured out, problems often arise that require you to revisit and rethink your custody plan. In Michigan, addressing this sort of family law issue may require court intervention.

Michigan family law: Custody handoff details matter

If you have chosen to call it quits on your relationship, but you have children with your ex, there is a lot you will need to figure out when it comes to child custody. A custody order does not just state how often each parent will get time with the children; it can also include specific details as to how certain things are to be handled -- such as the hand-off of children. Thankfully, a family law attorney can help parents in Michigan figure all this out so that their custody orders truly meet their needs.

Family law: Child support problems often lead to custody disputes

You do what you can to make sure your children get the support that they need. You live for the time you get to spend with them, even if it is not as much time as you would like. Unfortunately, you are finding your time with them being cut short, all because your ex is not happy with your child support agreement or because you are finding it challenging to keep up with your ordered payment amount. Withholding children over support issues is a complaint often seen in Michigan family law courts.

Michigan family law: Child support adjustment Q and A

When Michigan couples who share children separate or divorce, both parties are responsible for financially providing for their kids. As part of a separation or divorce agreement, one parent is often listed as the one with primary physical custody -- even in cases where joint custody is awarded. According to family law, it is the other parent who will likely have to make child support payments. On occasion, one or both parties may feel it necessary to adjust the order of support. This week, this column will answer some commonly asked questions regarding support modification.

Michigan family law: Parental alienation and its damaging effects

Some relationships end badly. When a couple has children, one parent may do all that he or she can to use the kids to hurt the other parent. Parental alienation is a very real thing and complaints of it occurring in Michigan families are often seen in the family law world. In honor of Parental Alienation Awareness Day, which falls on April 25, this week's column will address the damaging effects of this behavior.

Avoiding court possible when settling family law matters

Whether one is just going through the divorce process or has been down that road and needs to modify some terms of a divorce settlement, one may think that going to court is the only way to reach a resolution. Thankfully, Michigan residents have other options when it comes to marriage dissolution and term modifications. Most family law matters can be settled through mediation.

Michigan family law: Mental health can affect child custody

Millions of Americans suffer from some level of mental illness. With treatment, it is possible for many of them to live relatively normal lives. One fear that some individuals struggling with mental health issues have is losing custody of their children if their marriages fall apart. Thankfully, whether they live in Michigan or elsewhere, family law courts will not deny custody simply based on a history of mental illness.

Michigan family law: Does nesting really work in the long term?

Many couples in Michigan and elsewhere who are choosing to end their marriages have a lot of decisions to make about how to make their family life work when all is said and done. When a couple has children, it can be difficult to decide what living situation would be best for them in the long run. Many people are turning to nesting, but does this type of living arrangement really work long term? Some family law experts feel it may not.

Michigan family law: What is a typical visitation schedule?

When a couple chooses to divorce or separate and they have children, one parent may not achieve custody of their kids. While joint custody arrangements are being pushed now more than ever before, there are those individuals who will only be granted visitation time as part of a family law settlement.  What does a typical visitation schedule look like for parents in Michigan?

Michigan family law: Paying child support when on disability

There are many reasons why Michigan residents may end up on disability. Without it, they may not have any other sources of income. While disability payments may not amount to a whole lot, it is still income, and if one is ordered to pay child support by a family law court, one may have to utilize this benefit in order to meet his or her child support obligation. Here are a few facts regarding disability and child support.

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