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Annulment vs. Divorce

When looking to dissolve a marriage, the first option most people consider is divorce. There are actually two ways to dissolve a marriage though: divorce and annulment. While a divorce acknowledges a legal separation, an annulment legally treats the parties as if they were never married in the first place. Only certain circumstances allow for an annulment but it can be another option for those with issues that arose in their marriage.

Do you know how to draft; enforce your prenuptial agreement?

The law can be complicated for Detroit residents to understand. A contract, for example, can be the subject of many disputes between different parties, as individuals on opposing sides of the deal have different interpretations of what was meant at the time the contract was signed. What may be enforceable in one case may not be upheld in another, depending on the circumstances involved in both.

What provisions may not be enforced in a premarital agreement?

Detroit residents make agreements with one another on a regular basis. For the most part, the legal system respects an individual's ability to freely contract with others. This is not always the case, however, as courts may decide not to enforce all contracts that are entered between Detroit residents.

Seeing through the myths of divorce

There are many myths that are spread about the legal system. This can be particularly true when Detroit residents are facing legal disputes, as other parties to the case can make threats about what will or will not happen.

Detroit City Councilwoman, U.S. Rep Conyers file for divorce

Over the course of a long marriage, Detroit residents typically go through many different experiences together. The birth of children, the change of careers and other life changes are common over the years. Each of these experiences can raise important legal issues at the end of a marriage.

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