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What you should know about finances, assets and divorce

In a divorce proceeding, many family law issues can surface which require resolution or some understanding between the parties undergoing the dissolution. In addition to issues that may involve child custody and child support, parties will have to deal with financial issues. A recent article listed some helpful tips to help ease issues surrounding assets and even debt for people thinking about filing for divorce or who are in the process of getting a divorce.

Is getting an annulment the same as getting a divorce?

Many people may have the incorrect view that an annulment and divorce are essentially the same. However, it is very important to understand that although the outcome may be the same under both an annulment and a divorce, in legal terms, they are two very different legal processes.

What is ADR and can I use it to resolve family law issues?

Alternative dispute resolution or ADR is a process which gives parties an option to settle their family law dispute through an ADR covered process such as mediation. In essence, parties have the option to settle a matter without the direct involvement of the court. In fact, when it comes to family law issues and disputes, ADR is encouraged.

Overview of family legal issues

When one thinks of family court, the very first image that comes to mind is a divorce proceeding. Though it is true that divorces occur in family court and involve child custody, child support and parenting time matters, many other family legal issues are also addressed in family court. These include annulments, paternity proceedings, stepparent adoptions, post-judgment matters, change of domicile hearings and even alternate dispute resolution options such as mediation.

What divorcing couples should know about financial issues

Divorce can be a difficult time for Michigan residents who are going through the process. Many financial and family law issues, ranging from child custody to property division, can come up, which the parties will have to face head-on whether they like it or not. In some cases, the parties may earnestly consider negotiating a settlement agreement to make it easier. However, during such negotiations it is important to ensure that both sides are represented and that one party is not getting the short end of the stick.

How to get child support once paternity is established

In Michigan, many unmarried couples with children may wonder what is involved in initiating a paternity suit and what the obligations for the father are once paternity has been established. Generally, a paternity suit arises between an unmarried couple to ensure that the alleged father takes responsibility for the child and pays child support to the mother. The father may also get parenting or visitation rights with the child.

Conflicting state laws over same sex marriage, divorce

Residents of Michigan are most likely are aware of the discussion surrounding same-sex marriage and that same-sex marriage is illegal in the state. However, what many people may not know is the legal battle many same-sex couples face if they were legally married in a state that recognizes same-sex marriage and now reside in a state that does not recognize their marriage as valid. This is particularly complicated when it comes to getting a divorce and for addressing family law-related issues.

Former "The View" co-host entangled in complex divorce

Michigan residents familiar with the talk show "The View" and its former co-host, 43-year-old Sherri Shepherd, may find it interesting to learn that Shepherd is involved in a complex divorce with her husband, which involves her relinquishing custody rights to the unborn child being carried on behalf of the celebrity couple by a surrogate.

Fathers' rights matter in family law cases

With many children honoring their fathers on the recent Father's Day, fathers who are divorced, separated or have children but do not have primary physical custody of their children are likely grateful they could enjoy some time with their children. However, many fathers across the country may wonder what sort of child custody and child support arrangement a family court will come up for them or how they can modify child custody arrangements in order to spend more time with their children.

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