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Michigan divorce law: Only accept reasonable settlement terms

Michigan residents who are considering divorce have a lot of little and big details that they need to figure out. Dividing a household into two is arduous work, and how it turns out in the end may not be how one thought it would be going into the dissolution process. Making the terms of a divorce settlement work can also prove challenging for some people. Divorce law attorneys often see one party looking for settlement terms that, in the long run, are unsustainable for them. A good example of this has to do with the marital home.

Does divorce law protect homemakers?

In early 2019, an article was published regarding homemakers and what they should receive if their marriages end. Many believe that the roles these individuals play in a marriage do not warrant an equal distribution of assets. Does divorce law in Michigan protect homemakers and allow them to walk away from their marital unions with fair settlements?

Michigan divorce law: Normal communication or harassment?

Recently, a case in another state brought into focus the issue of acceptable communication during the divorce process. At some point, spouses have to discuss things, particularly if they have children. However, it is possible to go too far to the point where frequent attempts to communicate it is considered harassment. Michigan residents accused of harassment or, on the flip side, who believe that an ex is harassing them can turn to a divorce law attorney for help fighting the issue while, at the same time, working toward finalizing their marital dissolutions.

Helping kids through divorce takes a lot of work

Michigan residents who are ready to walk away from their marital relationships have a lot on their minds and their plates. When children are involved, getting through this already difficult situation becomes even more challenging. At the end of the day, most parents want to do what is best for their children. This means taking specific steps to protect them during the divorce process and after the fact.

How does divorce affect Social Security spousal benefits?

When it comes to retirement, many Michigan residents look forward to collecting the Social Security benefits that they have paid into in all of their years of employment. It is possible to start claiming those benefits at the age of 62. Spouses have the right to file claims on each other records, as do ex-spouses -- under certain circumstances. How does divorce affect Social Security spousal claims?

Going into debt to get married often leads to divorce

When getting married, it is reasonable to want to celebrate the occasion. Some couples in Michigan do this by throwing lavish parties that often cost them an arm and a leg. What they may not realize at the moment is that it may also cost them their marriages, as debt is a contributing factor in numerous divorce cases. 

Money and its role in divorce

Money is said to be the cause of most fights between married couples. Spouses do not always have the same ideas when it comes to spending and saving, which can add a lot of stress on daily life. There are many couples in Michigan who have filed for divorce, or will end up doing so, due to their inability to agree on money issues. Here are some of the top reasons couples end up fighting about finances.

Michigan divorce law: What to do when alimony isn't getting paid

Alimony is not ordered in every marital dissolution case, but when it is, the party ordered to pay it is expected to do just that per the terms set in the order of support. Unfortunately, some Michigan residents find themselves in the position of not receiving the money granted to them as part of their divorce settlements. What can these individuals do when this happens?

Why you might get stuck with your ex-spouse's student loan debt?

When it comes to divorce, the dividing of assets and liabilities is one of the most complicated things a couple will have to deal with. There is a lot involved in deciding who gets to keep what and who is responsible for shared debt. Speaking of debt, if one's spouse has a student loan, in the state of Michigan, it may be considered shared marital property.

The most inexpensive ways to divorce are not always the best

There is really nothing easy about ending a marriage. The divorce process can be emotionally challenging and financially draining. In an effort to help out the money side of it, there are some Michigan residents who will look for the most inexpensive ways to end their marriages. The problem is, the most inexpensive ways to get through a divorce are not always the best.

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