Mother in Michigan case seeks to regain child custody

Mother in Michigan case seeks to regain child custody

When a Michigan couple has a child but are no longer together, the best interests of the child need to come to the forefront. However, it is unavoidable that certain cases will evolve into a child custody dispute. There can be numerous reasons for this. Regardless of why it is happening, those who are embroiled in a battle over child custody must remember that their position must be firmly entrenched on strong legal grounds. For that, it is important to have legal help with the case.

A mother who has been in the midst of a child custody dispute has made the request for removal of the guardian ad litem. The case is being heard by a new judge after the previous judge disqualified herself and arguments will commence to determine whether the mother’s request will be granted. The case has been prominent since the judge had ordered the children to a state-run residence for children after they refused to be involved with their father from whom they are estranged. The mother was ordered not to have any contact with the children and alleges that the guardian ad litem did not pay heed to reports from therapists as to the damaging nature of the current circumstances to the children, ages 14, 11 and 9.

The children now live with their father. The mother has requested that the children return to her home until the child custody dispute is settled. At the time of the couple’s divorce in 2011, the mother received full custody and the father was given visitation rights. Earlier court hearings alleged that the children were afraid of their father because he was violent. The original judge had removed the children from the mother’s care after being advised to do so by the guardian ad litem. She withdrew right before the new year.

There are many different kinds of cases involving children. Some are amicable and some can involve lengthy battles. The situations dictate how these cases should be handled. Parents who are in the midst of a disagreement over their children can protect their legal rights by speaking to an attorney with experience in these complex issues.

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