Michigan family law: When millennials divorce

Michigan family law: When millennials divorce

Divorce can happen after a long marriage, or it can happen shortly after a marriage begins. When millennials in Michigan divorce, they may or may not have complex assets or children to worry about. It does not mean that the dissolution process is any easier for them, and it certainly does not mean that they should forgo family law services to help them with the divorce process.

Sometimes millennials get a bad rap. Some say they are immature, entitled and are not serious about big commitments — like marriage. However, many family law attorneys disagree. They are seeing millennials delay marriage because they want to wait until they are financially prepared and want to spend more time finding the right person. Many see millennials looking at obtaining prenuptial agreements in order to protect themselves — something that other generations have avoided doing, and something that shows they understand what they are getting themselves into.

The biggest difference between millennials and other generations is how long the are willing to stick out a bad marriage. While some may say they are too quick to end things, others would say they are willing to accept what they cannot change and move on. There is nothing wrong with this type of attitude.

Marriage can be hard. So can divorce. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared to handle both. Millennials in Michigan who are getting married and need help with marriage contracts, or who are getting divorced and want help with the process can turn to a family law attorney for assistance.

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