Michigan family law: Paying child support when on disability

Michigan family law: Paying child support when on disability

There are many reasons why Michigan residents may end up on disability. Without it, they may not have any other sources of income. While disability payments may not amount to a whole lot, it is still income, and if one is ordered to pay child support by a family law court, one may have to utilize this benefit in order to meet his or her child support obligation. Here are a few facts regarding disability and child support.

First and foremost, being placed on disability does not mean that a person’s responsibility to pay financial support for one’s children ends. If a person’s disability income is less than his or her previous income, it may be possible to seek a child support modification so that one’s monthly obligation is affordable. Any arrears will still be expected to be paid in full; that amount is not adjustable.

Can Child Support Be Taken From SSI Disability Payments?

Disability payments can be garnished just like any other income. The only time that is not true is if the disability payments are in the form of Social Security Income, as these are reserved for individuals with very low income. Finally, the dependents of those who receive disability benefits may qualify to receive auxiliary benefits. These extra funds cannot be counted as child support payments.

Living life on disability can be a challenge. Living on a limited, fixed income would be a struggle for anyone. Paying child support is still a must, though. Michigan residents who are placed on disability and who need to adjust their support obligations can turn to a family law attorney who can help them seek modifications to their child support orders so that they can keep up with their obligations.

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