Michigan family law: Jail time one form of support enforcement

Michigan family law: Jail time one form of support enforcement

Parents in Michigan and elsewhere who have court orders to pay child support sometimes fail to meet their financial obligations. There are times that this is because of an economic inability to pay and sometimes it is for other reasons. Regardless, if child support is not paid, enforcement options — such as criminal charges — may be utilized by the recipient. A family law attorney can help parents who are struggling to meet their support obligations avoid jail time and create support agreements that work for everyone involved.

In early-March, reality television star Dean McDermott was held in contempt for failing to make child support payments to his former wife. It was not reported how far behind on payments Mr. McDermott currently is. Jail time for his failure to pay was on the table; however, he was able to avoid this punishment by creating a new child support plan with his ex.

According to reports, on the same day as his court hearing, he paid his ex a cash sum of $2,500. This is the first of a newly scheduled installment plan. The next payment is due April 1. If Mr. McDermott does not stick to this new plan, he may face jail time.

When a parent does not meet his or her support obligation, there is usually a personal reason for it. Those in Michigan who find themselves in such positions can seek assistance from a family law attorney. Modifications to current orders can be sought in order for the paying parent to seek a payment schedule that works for him or her, and so that he or she can avoid criminal consequences.

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