Michigan family law: fighting parental alienation

Michigan family law: fighting parental alienation

When one parent refuses to let the other have any sort of access to their children as a way of punishment, this is called parental alienation. Many believe this to be a form of child abuse. A family law attorney may be able to help victims of parental alienation in Michigan fight to regain access to their children.

Not all couples separate or divorce on good terms, and not all couples are able to agree on child custody matters. While this may be the case, it is not up to just one parent to decide if the other parent gets custody or visitation time; it is often up to a judge. Failing to follow a court-issued custody order could have severe consequences for the offending party.

Parental alienation goes beyond just denying one parent custody or visitation time, though. The offending parent often makes the affected children feel that their other parent does not care for them. This is where the child abuse aspect comes into play. While it is not professionally recognized as child abuse, psychologists believe it is certainly not good for children to grow up in such environments.

So, what can alienated parents do? They can take the matter to court. If the offending parent is not following the custody order, he or she may be held in contempt. If modifications to custody orders are thought necessary, they can be sought. A family law attorney can assist Michigan residents in fighting for time with their children and fighting to ensure that their children are being raised in healthy environments.

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