Michigan family law: Dean McDermott child support woes

Michigan family law: Dean McDermott child support woes

For some parents in Michigan and elsewhere, paying child support is not always an easy and straightforward thing. Sometimes there is conflict between parents over a number of child support issues — such as the ability to pay, how much to pay and when to stop paying, among others. Such family law issues of the rich and famous are often splashed on the front pages of national publications. Most recently this is the case for actor and reality television star Dean McDermott.

According to a recent report, Mr. McDermott’s ex-wife is accusing him of not paying child support. This is not the first time such accusations have been made, but now the child for whom the support is intended is 18. When a child reaches early adulthood, is the support-paying parent required to continue making payments?

In some states, when a child reaches 18, that signals the end of the support-paying parent’s financial obligation. However, one cannot just stop paying. There is a process that one must go through in order to have a support order officially ended.

On the flip side of this is extended support orders. A child support order may be extended past the age of 18, depending on the needs of the child and the agreement made between parents. According to reports about Mr. McDermott’s situation, this may be the case in his situation. If it is, his ex has every right to pursue enforcement options in order to collect.

Family law issues that involve children are often complex and a source of frustration for parents. Sometimes it can take time to figure everything out, and even then adjustments to plans may need to be made. Those in Michigan who are struggling with child support issues, whether they are the paying or receiving party, can turn to legal counsel in order to address and resolve the matter.

Source: US Weekly, “Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife Mary Jo Eustace Claims He Has Stopped Paying Child Support“, Oct. 16, 2017

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