Michigan family law: Dealing with a child custody issue?

Michigan family law: Dealing with a child custody issue?

If you are divorced or separated — or preparing for either — there are a lot of things you and your ex need to figure out, especially if you have children. Child custody issues, for example, can be a source of serious contention. Even if you think you’ve got everything figured out, problems often arise that require you to revisit and rethink your custody plan. In Michigan, addressing this sort of family law issue may require court intervention.

There are a number of child custody problems that may arise. Maybe you and your ex cannot come to terms on an initial custody plan. Perhaps you feel that your current plan is no longer working. Maybe you have an ex who is failing to abide by the existing custody order. No matter the issue, you have every right to seek swift resolution to the problem, as dragging out a custody fight is no good for anyone.

Child custody matters are typically settled through mediation, private negotiation or litigation. Litigation is considered a last resort option. The state would like parents to try and work out agreeable terms without having to fight things out in front of a judge. No matter how custody terms are reached, however, court approval is needed before the plan can be put into action.

If you have a child custody¬†issue that needs addressing, you do not have to fight the matter alone. You have every right to seek legal assistance to help you with it. To learn how a Michigan-based family law attorney can assist you with your custody problem, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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