Michigan family law: Cop in trouble for lying in family court

Michigan family law: Cop in trouble for lying in family court

A police officer in another state has found himself in trouble with the law for allegedly lying in family court to get a better child support deal for himself. It would have worked had it not been discovered while he was being investigated for another issue. Michigan residents dealing with certain family law issues may be tempted to lie to help their cases, but this man’s case is proof that it is just not worth it.

According to a recent news report, years ago, a father was ordered to pay child support to his ex. In 2013, this individual filed income statements with the court showing he had experienced a reduction in income and was granted a support order that resulted in him paying a little over $15,000 less in child support. As support orders are primarily income based, this did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

While this man was being investigated for lying at work, it was discovered that the income statements he filed with the court had allegedly been altered to show a reduced income where there actually wasn’t one. Lying in court is a criminal offense and this individual now stands to lose everything because of his actions. If convicted, he may be incarcerated for up to seven years.

Sometimes meeting child support or other obligations tied to a family law case is not easy. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about dealing with it. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, Michigan residents can do everything possible to achieve divorce settlements or other family law court orders that serve their best interests.

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