Michigan family law: Child custody options

Michigan family law: Child custody options

Child custody plans can be difficult to figure out. Knowing which will best serve one’s family is certainly a challenge. Thankfully, in Michigan, just like in other states, there are various options available. One can turn to his or her family law attorney for help in achieving the custody arrangement desired.

What are the custody options available in Michigan? Joint and sole are the two main types. A joint custody arrangement is when both parents take on fairly equal roles in the lives of their children. Children will spend time living with each parent, and both parents will get to share in making decisions that affect their children — such as where they will go to school and health care needs, among others.

Sole custody, on the other hand, is an arrangement in which only one parent is given physical and legal rights to his or her children. The noncustodial parent may or may not be given visitation rights. In certain situations, the noncustodial parent may be granted some level of legal custody so that he or she can have a say in how his or her child is raised.

Whether a joint custody arrangement or a sole custody plan with some noncustodial parent involvement is agreed upon, either of these arrangements can be customized so that they fit the needs of both parents and serve the best interests of the affected children. It is hard to know how well a custody plan will work until it is put into action. If for some reason things are not working out, it is possible — with the assistance of a family law attorney — for parents in Michigan to seek order adjustments until their custody arrangements are just right.

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