Michigan family law and seeking post-decree modifications

Michigan family law and seeking post-decree modifications

You went through the divorce process. Overall, you were satisfied with your settlement. It seemed fair, and your financial and child custody arrangements have been working out for you, until now. Circumstances have changed — as they tend to do — and now you are wondering what you can do about it. Thankfully, Michigan family law sometimes allows for post-decree modifications.

Are you a parent who wants more time with your children, needs to relocate, has concerns about the welfare of your children or has suffered a financial setback, making your child support payments either too much or insufficient? Life has a way of making any of these things happen. When they do, you are not out of luck. While courts may not like to adjust custody or support orders, they will do so under the right circumstances.

So, how does one go about seeking a custody or support modification? If this is something that you desire, it is a matter of reviewing your situation and — if appropriate — filing the request in court. You may have to attend a court hearing — particularly if your ex does not agree to your requested changes. That is okay, as legal counsel can be by your side, helping you present your case.

Not sure if you really have a case for change? A Michigan-based family law¬†attorney can discuss your case with you and let you know where you stand. Post-decree modifications are possible in certain instances. It is better to seek court approval rather than going rogue and failing to abide by the current order. To learn more about how an attorney can help you seek a post-decree modification and when doing so would be appropriate, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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