Michigan divorce law: When she makes more than he

Michigan divorce law: When she makes more than he

Currently, more women in Michigan and elsewhere are the breadwinners in their homes compared to years past. While this may not be the standard, the results of a recent survey show that it is the case for 25 percent of all couples. When she makes more than he and they want a divorce, she may be the one that has to pay spousal and child support. A divorce law attorney can help either party achieve a divorce settlement that is fair.

A study out of the Pew Research Center claims that, in the last three decades, the number of women making more money than their spouses has increased 6 percent. That may not seem like a lot, but it is and it is expected to continue rising. While this is a good thing in many ways, it is also the cause of some marital problems.

The issue is, societal norms still say men are supposed to be the breadwinners. When women make more than their husbands, these couples may have more disputes about marital roles and finances. They are also more likely to lie about their income to family, friends and in social settings. In other words, for some couples, it is an issue that adds pressure to their marriages.

Divorce law in Michigan is not biased when it comes to who should provide financial support, it is all about the numbers. If a wife has been the primary provider during the marriage, she may bear the larger financial burdens tied to divorce. Husbands should not feel that they cannot ask for alimony or child support just because of their gender. No matter which side of the table one sits, legal counsel can help one achieve a divorce settlement that serves one’s best interests.

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