Michigan divorce law: When one’s spouse is a bully

Michigan divorce law: When one’s spouse is a bully

Divorce can turn even the nicest person into a bully. It is often a stress and anger-filled time in one’s life. While that may be the case, it does not make it right, nor should one have to give in to a bully’s demands. A divorce law attorney can assist Michigan residents who are going through the dissolution process to deal with the actions of a bullying spouse appropriately.

There are many different forms of bullying that can take place during the divorce process. Some of these include turning children against one’s spouse or using them as leverage, purposely slowing the dissolution process, making threats, making false allegations or withholding financial support or assets — among numerous others. Unfortunately, these are all things that many people deal with when dissolving their marriages.

So, should one give into a bully’s demands or are there actions that one can take to tame this type of behavior? According to a recent report, legal and mental health professionals agree that there are ways to deal with such behavior and still achieve a fair and balanced divorce settlement, but how? Generally speaking, there are two things that one can do when dealing with a bully: keep one’s own emotions in check and decide what things one can let go without having negative long term effects. If things really escalate to the point that one fears for his or her personal safety, seeking a protective order may also be a possibility.

The dissolution of marriage for most couples is a difficult process. When one’s spouse is being a bully, it certainly does not make it any easier. A divorce law attorney can help Michigan residents do all that is necessary to fight for agreeable settlement terms and help deal with spouses who exhibit bullying behavior.

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