Michigan divorce law: When can alimony be adjusted?

Michigan divorce law: When can alimony be adjusted?

While alimony is not awarded in every divorce case, there are some Michigan residents who do have it included in their final divorce settlements. Generally, the amount awarded stays the same for the duration of the order. However, under current divorce law, it may be possible to adjust the amount if there is sufficient cause to do so.

What is considered a sufficient cause to modify a spousal support order? There are several, but all of them really have to do with one thing: a change in circumstances. When alimony is initially ordered, the amount set in the order is based on the payor’s income and the payee’s need at that specific period in time. Well, with time comes life changes that may warrant an alimony adjustment.

The biggest reason one might want to request a support modification is that either party has experienced a change in income. If a payee starts making more money, the amount awarded him or her may be lowered or the ordered terminated. If the payor starts making more money, the amount he or she has to pay may be increased.

There are no guarantees that requests to adjust a spousal support order will be approved. Sometimes, the courts say no. Michigan residents who believe that they have sufficient cause to have their orders adjusted should not let that stop them from seeking alimony modifications. An experienced divorce law attorney may be able to assist those who believe they qualify for support adjustments by helping them negotiate new terms with their former spouses or taking the matter to court.

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