Michigan divorce law: What to do when alimony isn’t getting paid

Michigan divorce law: What to do when alimony isn’t getting paid

Alimony is not ordered in every marital dissolution case, but when it is, the party ordered to pay it is expected to do just that per the terms set in the order of support. Unfortunately, some Michigan residents find themselves in the position of not receiving the money granted to them as part of their divorce settlements. What can these individuals do when this happens?

Thankfully, the state does not expect these individuals to deal with this type of situation on their own. There are enforcement options available if all other attempts to collect fail to produce results. They are the same as the enforcement options used to collect child support from a parent who is refusing to pay. Some of them include:

  • Intercept tax refund
  • Withhold income
  • Suspend personal/professional licenses
  • Report to credit agencies
  • Hold in contempt of court

There are a few more enforcement options that may be utilized. It is really up to a judge to decide how far to go when trying to get the delinquent spouse to meet his or her obligation. Sometimes, threatening to use legal enforcement options is enough to get him or her to pay up. Sometimes, it really does take court intervention to obtain the support ordered. Every case is different.

Alimony serves a valuable purpose and is only awarded when it is deemed necessary or otherwise appropriate. Michigan residents who believe that they are entitled to orders of support can turn to a divorce law attorney for help seeking one. If awarded, but one’s ex fails to pay, legal counsel can offer further assistance in trying to have the order enforced.

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