Michigan divorce law: What does school have to do with it?

Michigan divorce law: What does school have to do with it?

Marriage happens when two people want to commit themselves to each other. At the time, nothing else may seem to matter, everyone wants to believe that things will work out for the better. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, some level of life preparation is key to a marriage lasting. When it doesn’t, Michigan residents can turn to a divorce law attorney for help.

So, what is this life preparation that is deemed so important? College or university training. According to a study coming out of Northwestern University, couples who are college educated are less likely to divorce. In fact, divorce rates among such individuals have greatly declined since the 1980’s. But, why?

One of the biggest stresses in a marriage is money. While having a higher education is not a guarantee that one will make more money in this life, it is more likely. More education also tends to mean job security. By having these two things, a lot of pressure can be removed from a marriage.

So, does this mean that every marriage with college educated spouses will work out or that those with less education are doomed to get divorces? No. Every marriage is unique and they end for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason is, a divorce law attorney can assist those in Michigan who would like to move on from their marriages in doing so. While the dissolution process may not be an easy thing to get through, with help it can be completed as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

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